Building partnerships to improve lives


The Exhibition area is located within the central conference area where delegates meet for coffee breaks and lunch and provides a useful ‘meeting place’ to network over the 3 days of the conference. 

Below is the list of confirmed exhibitors.  Please click on a logo to enter the organisation's website.

Gulbenkian Foundation –Established in 1956 as a Portuguese foundation for the whole of humanity, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s original purpose focused on fostering knowledge and raising the quality of life of persons throughout the fields of the arts, charity, science and education. Bequeathed by the last will and testament of Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian, the Foundation is of perpetual duration and undertakes its activities structured around its headquarters in Lisbon (Portugal) and its delegations in Paris (France) and London (the United Kingdom).


 Eurofound - a tripartite EU agency - provides expertise on living and working conditions, industrial relations and managing change in Europe. Eurofound is the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, a European Union body established to work in specialised areas of EU policy. It provides information, advice and expertise on living and working conditions, industrial relations and managing change in Europe for key actors in the field of EU social policy on the basis of comparative information, research and analysis.

Edenred designs and provides innovative solutions to assist local authorities in the implementation of their social policies. According to public entities preferences and objectives, Edenred provide them with cost-efficient means of distributing social benefits that increase freedom of choice of recipients while ensuring the respect of their personal dignity. Edenred can also present detailed reporting that helps policymakers in their subsequent decision making. These solutions are based on a wide range of technological options, from paper to chip cards.


IBM is uniquely positioned to help city and government leaders create opportunities from today's challenges, innovate across services to meet and exceed citizen expectations, and drive sustainable economic growth and enhanced quality of life. Deep industry expertise, solution strength and resilient deployment choices ensure leaders around the globe, in cities and governments of all sizes, can leverage information to make better decisions, anticipate problems to resolve them proactively, and coordinate resources to operate effectively.

Esri is the world leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.  Its innovative software solutions and professional services help health and social service organizations connect and manage disparate data systems.  By adding a geographic component to data and analysis, Esri promotes the discovery, use, making, and sharing of information across your organization and to the public.  

Diona provides mobility solutions and consulting services for Social Security, Social Services and Health and Human Services programs around the world.  With more than 120 employees and over 800 years of collective experience in working with governments to deliver technology that makes life better for citizens in need, Diona is a leader in applying technology to help solve social program problems. We partner with companies such as Accenture CGI, IBM and Oracle to deliver dozens of successful projects at the city, local, state and national level.

Our solution, Diona Mobility, offers citizens, case workers, service providers, and agency managers the ability to provide and receive help through mobile and other connected devices. Through a strategy of strong platform, configurable solutions, and excellent user experiences, Diona Mobility offers an effective, efficient, flexible, and simple solution for government to citizen engagement. No one wants to wait in line, mail forms, or be put on hold; Diona Mobility offers better options.

breeze-e connects anyone who wants to maintain a healthy, happy and independent lifestyle to information, support and advice about personal care or wellbeing needs, and a broad range of people and local organisations that can help. breeze-e facilitates fast track implementation of key clauses in the Care Act for Local Authorities. breeze-e also facilitates positive outcomes for all service users, service providers and care agencies by standardising and integrating the care landscape, in line with the core requirements of the Care Act. Whether they receive Local Authority support, or fund care themselves, breeze-e empowers service users to help themselves. We provide them with choice and connect them to a broad range of information, advice, products and services from public, private and voluntary organisations that can help.

 The SAP Institure for Digital Government facilitates a deeper engagement with government agencies and partner organisations to deliver value from digital government through innovation.   Innovation comes through leveraging digital technology and broad industry level business insight to achieve deeper policy insight and service delivery excellence. 

SCML is an institution that provides social responses to situations of inequality and socio-economic deprivation, vulnerability and social exclusion, seeking the reintegration of all on an equal footing. In order to fulfil its mission, SCML manages a large network of Social Welfare and Health Services and facilities together, and in coordination with other public-private institutions. It also provides education, culture access and promotes life quality in communities, according to Christian tradition.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of the European Social Services Conference, please contact the Conference Team at / +44 (0)1273 739 039.