Building partnerships to improve lives

Plenary Session I : Building partnerships for an inclusive Europe

Monday, 6 July, 2015
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The demand for social services is increasing because of demographic changes, the economic and social consequences of the crisis, changing social patterns and people’s increasingly complex needs. Public services across Europe with different financing systems, organisational structures and professional cultures struggle to respond effectively and efficiently.

Re-designing services towards an integrated person-centred care model focussed on building partnerships to improve efficiency and users’ outcomes has been a topic of discussion and an area of research in Europe for a number of years; the advent of the digital age offers major opportunities in this regard.

Confirmed speakers:

Chair : Christian FILLET, Chair, European Social Network

Delivering inclusive growth and a new social partnership in Portugal
Pedro Mota SOARES, Minister of Solidarity, Employment and Social Security, Portugal

Modernising social protection in Europe: the role of high quality social services
Marianne THYSSEN, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility (video)

Social and Economic Priorities for the Luxembourg Presidency: building partnerships to improve activation and inclusion
Corinne CAHEN, Minister for Family and Integration, Luxembourg

The Digital Single Market: empowering citizens, communities and government to deliver inclusive and sustainable growth
Jasmin BATTISTA, Member of Cabinet, Digital Single Market, European Commission