Building partnerships to improve lives

Plenary Session III : Building thematic partnerships

Tuesday, 7 July, 2015
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The afternoon will take a life cycle approach from early years to later life, asking how all levels of government can improve outcomes for people, their families and their communities by breaking down barriers and overcoming fragmentation. Co-creation and the involvement of relevant stakeholders from research, practitioners and service users have been highlighted as necessary in these thematic presentations from Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

Investing in children and families in Italy: results from a unique national programme to develop local partnerships in child protection
Paola MILANI, Professor in Family Education, Padua University, Italy

Cooperation between the Public Employment Service and other actors: a route to employment for the furthest from the labour market?
Wolfgang MUELLER, Managing Director European Affairs, Federal Employment Agency, Germany

The challenge of integrating health and social care for older people in the Netherlands
Mirella MINKMAN, Programme Director, Vilans, National Centre of Expertise in Long-Term Care, The Netherlands