Building partnerships to improve lives

Plenary Session IV : European Round Table and Debate

Wednesday, 8 July, 2015
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As governments and local communities struggle to deliver better life chances for their citizens in a challenging economic and social environment, the conference has heard that outcomes for people and communities can be improved by focusing on an integrated person-centred care where partnerships can deliver more joined up services and greater efficiencies.

What should be the messages from this conference about the shape of social services for the future?

Chair : Hugh FRAZER, Adjunct Professor of Applied Social Studies, Maynooth University, Ireland/Coordinator, European Social Policy Network

Paulo MACEDO, Minister of Health, Portugal

Thomas DOMINIQUE, Chair, Social Protection Committee, European Commission/Head of Cabinet, Ministry of Social Security, Luxembourg

Jetta KLIJNSMA, Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Employment, The Netherlands

Elke SLEURS, Secretary of State for Combatting Poverty, Equal Chances, Disabled People, Belgium

Dña. Beatriz Mato OTERO, Minister for Employment and Welfare, Region of  Galicia, Spain

Stefan OLSSON, Head of Unit for Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction, DG Employment, European Commission

Ray JAMES, President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), England