Building partnerships to improve lives


Building social service partnerships for people with care, health, educational, housing and employment needs can deliver more personalised assessment and improve outcomes, a focus on integrated community living and better use of public budgets.

Planning, contracting and providing an integrated range of services to work with people to meet their needs is, however, not easy with often complicated patterns of financing, forms of organisation, service culture, and governance structures across Europe.

At the same time growing economic and social demands are impacting on the capacities of traditional welfare providers to respond and new forms of public/private organisations are being developed.

Such developments require vision, political will, leadership, investment in technology, and attention to user engagement because the relationship between services and those who use them is itself changing with a move towards greater citizen participation.

As people increasingly connect with each other using a wide range of mobile technologies, how should government and industry develop solutions to build partnerships, integrate services and improve lives.

CONNECT: The Lisbon conference will explore the evidence and experiences in service and sector partnership and what this means for people’s lives, service efficiency, and the impact on social welfare landscape for the future.

Organisers of the conference

The conference is organised annually by the European Social Network (ESN), an independent learning and development forum for local public social, health, education and employment services in Europe and associate member organisations.

The work of ESN continues after the conference in the Network's seminars and working groups and in its research and communication. If you would like to know more please go to or contact us on +44 (0)1273 739039.